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3/12/2021 3:11 am  #1

Planet Dragoon [Notes From The Federal Galactic Empire Series]


Planet Dragoon

Forward Operation Base, Dragoon served as the provisional Imperial capital during the Liberation War and remains central hub of governmental offices run by Iron Horseman, mainly that of the Chancellor, who is typically an Iron Horseman. Dragoon is one of the most heavily guarded planets in the Imperium.

Dragoon is home to the Palace, Falcon's Krag from where the The Phoenix ran the war, however Narshin Tower on Falcania-Vor remains official residence of Empress Karaseer as it is a Technomancer center, as well as her childhood home.  

One of The Phoenix's tactics to combat the Anunnaki was to expand territory by founding colonies - centered on Iron Horseman, who were both loyal to him and "Free humans" (though, gifted longer than normal lifespans). Dragoon became more than a military base, it became a vibrant cultural nexus, where Falcanian, Morningstar, and varied strains of humanity met at a crossroads.

Falcania-Vor was too distant and indeed isolated from which to guide the war effort, yet would remain a major source of manpower and resources - Indeed, the Falcanian Jirga agreed to The Phoenix's plans because they thought they were getting an empire out of the deal. And they did, sort of. Many speculate it was always The Phoenix's intents to establish such an empire and conflict with the Anunnaki made for an easy excuse to do so. However he got an early start thanks to conflicts between Falcania-Vor and vampire hives.

It must be remembered The Phoenix's booming cultural experiment on Dragoon contrasted with his daughter, Sitara's rocky, and failed attempt at democracy conducted at Zarhur Station orbiting planet Yendor II - Later renamed Point Central. Sitara's Commonwealth of Allied Worlds (CAW) found itself quickly supplemented by the Federal Galactic Empire, though she and her husband, Crown Prince Rene LaSalle would contribute to the war effort with their Musketeer Peacekeeper Force which found itself working alongside The Phoenix's Iron Cavaliers with whom they shared a swashbuckling and chivalric ideal.

Not only do I find myself going out of the way to contrast myself with the likes of Star Trek when I'm detailing this story - But also, yes Babylon 5.

In many ways the premise is: What if the Empire (Star Wars) were the good guys?



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