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2/11/2021 7:23 am  #1

Look: Those Pulling The Strings Aren't Gonna Play Fair

Those in the seats of power, both Government and allied with them in Corporations and Hollywood are not gonna play fair.

We can point out their hypocrisy, until we are blue in the face. They won't care because as the only thing which is of value to them is power and holding onto those reins at all costs.

In fact they get pleasure out of openly displaying they are above their own rules.

They will happily send out foot soldiers to do their dirty work. Destroy people and businesses and livelihoods.

What's the cure for corrupt elites, ensconced in power?

Clearly, playing nice didn't work - They doubled down, still are doubling down and blatantly cheated to retake the reins.

How do you cure absolute corruption?

There is indeed a resolution, history tells me so. The American Founding Fathers spoke on it. Its why they are being cancelled.


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