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2/11/2021 5:21 am  #1

Disney Fires Gina Carano For Telling The Truth


Az sums it up:

Disney literally aligns itself with the CCP a group that commits genocide and uses slave labor. But these cretins excuse them cause they give lip service to "Social Justice". Are you on the right side of history when you kowtow to China? No.

Calling people Nazis is the license to punch and hurt them, so of course pointing out how how it began is a huge threat to those who want moral authority literally destroy their enemies. I've been screaming like Cassandra about this since 2015, and here we are.

We had one chance to avert it and failed.

The slippery slope was Gina Carano's point which she is historically and morally right about. Unpersoning and othering people is what led to the Holocaust. But not just the Holocaust - Stalinist's did this as well and still are...

The people screaming about Fascists... Are using the exact historical tactics of Fascists and how they went about unpersoning their enemies and removing them from the public square. This time however the Elite are on their side and supporting them via Big Tech/corporations.


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