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11/27/2020 6:38 am  #1

Grogu (Baby Yoda) And Ahsoka Tano


Lets talk about The Mandalorian. Today's installment was really good. Rosario Dawson, made for a good live-action Ahsoka Tano, better than I imagined she would be.

We now know the Child's proper name, which is Grogu, and backstory. Seems he indeed did training just is not naturally perfect with the Force. This episode makes a specific point about Force training and even helps reground the Force.

The episode looked really good.

Oh - There are too many Jedi who survived Order 66 for the phrase "The Last Jedi" to have any meaningful worth. I surely hope The Mandalorian introduces more Clone Wars Era Jedi into the mix so as to undermine that idea...

On that note, let me talk about The New Republic. One of the touches I like about this show is seeing hints of a functioning, or at least in ascension New Republic - Seeing patrols of X-Wings, with what appear to galactic lawman makes me feel warm and fuzzy. That is what we needed and the story required in a live-action (Movie) post-Return of the Jedi series of films.

A functioning New Republic and Jedi Order is built into the story arc of the movie series. To be plain the Sequel Trilogy NEEDED to show those things which is why it failed. To do otherwise was and shall remain failure of storytelling and only proves those involved were not good at their jobs.


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