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5/24/2021 4:10 am  #1

Censoring, Enid Blyton?


I just stumbled across an author from "long ago", Enid Blyton. In the process of this discovery, I also learned present day editors, and publishers are censoring scenes in her books.

I can't even begin to put into words, how I view this as a moral outrage and a dangerous path to take.

THERE IS ZERO MORAL STANDING to do such a thing. To argue otherwise, is to aid, and abed in the destruction of history.

Just because a book or story does not match present day views, it does not provide license to change that work, even if you are the current day copyright holder of that work. Your job is to preserve the author's original intent, not change it to fit your moral viewpoint, or sanitize it in any manner.

It amazes me, the same group of people who crow about "Banned Books" from a moral high-horse, during say "Banned Books Week", are also the same people who would cancel those with whom they disagree.

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