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3/05/2021 2:38 am  #1

Mumm-Ra [ThunderCats 2011]?


What, or who was Mumm-Ra in the ThunderCats 2011 series? An alien, or some muted and unnaturally preserved human?

In its short time we got a surprising number of answers (and surprising answers!) from the ThunderCats 2011 series. The entire history of the Animals of Third Earth is laid out for us, providing greater context to the overall conflict.

Yet the series antagonist, Mumm-Ra remains an enigma.


The easy answer would be, Mumm-Ra was an alien being. We are in fact lead to think he's just a powerful alien sorcerer who wields both magic and technology. Yet that doesn't explain the clearly human mummification trappings.

Did Mumm-Ra and his Animal slaves travel full circle? Third Earth, if it indeed is our Earth could very well be Mumm-Ra's point of origin. Perhaps he is the result of some insane experiment? Mumm-Ra, The Everliving, grotesque outcome of some Transhumans breach of technology and magic so as to attain life eternal?

Mumm-Ra never tells us and we know what we do about the Animal's history only because of ThunderCats lore and the Book of Omens.



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