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2/11/2021 3:36 pm  #1

Disney: I Can Reset To Pre-Disney Star Wars [Its Easy]


Mara Jade-Skywalker, the symbol of Pre-Disney Star Wars

We are where we are, either because of George Lucas's greed, or laziness - I'm leaning toward laziness, but in any event, GL made the mistake of selling LucasFilms to CCP controlled Disney and he is just as responsible for its ultimate destruction as the Story Group at LucasFilms. Its on him.

That being said, its easy enough to ignore Disney Star Wars, and do a reset while only enjoying the Expanded Universe which is vast, well worth exploring.

From here on out my "Canon" Star Wars is only:

The Original Trilogy (unaltered)

The Prequels

Any novels published before Disney bought Star Wars

And Dark Horse Comics and Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars Micro Series.

It is regrettable, but The Clone Wars TV series is tainted by Disney and cannot be saved. There becomes a clear point where you notice Disney is inserting itself into the franchise. So its needs to go as well.


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