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2/10/2021 6:56 am  #1

Jobilt Hobbit Fan Edit [2hr and Extended Versions]


I must say, the Jobilt Hobbit Fan Edit, is one of the best versions of Peter Jackson's Hobbit Movies I've seen. I really enjoyed the two-hour version... Though I think that version began awkwardly, the overall edit was banging and on target.

Though watching now, its clear their three-hour, "Extended" cut is probably the superior version. I myself might have kept out the "Old Bilbo" cameo, and began with only the voice over of "In a hole in the ground..." - But I get why its here, to honor Ian Holm. Otherwise this is the better cut.

When it comes to The Hobbit, less is more. This should have been a single movie, not three needlessly bloated films.



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