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12/20/2020 2:14 am  #1

There Might Be Too Many Post-Order 66 Jedi


There Might Be Too Many Post-Order 66 Jedi...

So its clear now Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, were not the end but among a tapestry waiting to be thread a new Jedi Order. The Original Star Wars Trilogy  DID not have these loose ends and was fairly definitive on this issue - The Jedi were all but extinct.

Anything that comes afterward, is a retcon, not matter who did it.

We have Ahsoka Tano and I can guarantee you, Mace Windu is going to show up eventually. This has been a persistent rumor and is sure to become true once this "Shared Star Wars Universe" gets up and running.

The thing about this, this doesn't only fracture the OT but greatly undermines what Disney thought it was doing with things like the arrogantly titled "The Last Jedi". I'd actually rather there be too many Order 66 survivors, since it helps remove the significance of The Sequel Trilogy. But it also undercuts Luke Skywalker himself - Though a good storyline could reconcile this issue.

Disney would do itself well to pretend The Mandalorian is Year Zero, and begin their Star Wars universe from there - Only there as its gotten good will. Yet more than likely Disney will ruin this.


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