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12/19/2020 8:36 pm  #1

If It All Leads to the Disney Sequels - Its Meaningless


If everything Disney is now doing with Star Wars, still leads to The Disney Sequel Trilogy, it ends in a meaningless mess.

That's fact.

I can like parts of The Mandalorian and overall not be offended by it, but if its destiny is to culminate in Loser Luke Skywalker and a (second) defeated Jedi Order its worthless.

Everyone understands, Baby Yoda (Grogu) is destined to die a horrible death at the hands of Kylo Ren, right? Because, that is the destiny the Sequel Trilogy tells us is coming. If you don't want that - Make sure Disney understands that is not wanted and they will pay a price for doubling down on it.

To restate if the end is loser Luke Skywalker and Rey Palpatine upsupering his name and legacy its meaningless.

Fix this Disney.



12/19/2020 8:55 pm  #2

Re: If It All Leads to the Disney Sequels - Its Meaningless

Disney keeps kicking the can down the lane with Ahsoka Tano. Yeah I get Dave Filoni doesn't want to kill her off.

I don't want her to die either.

But that is her destiny - Cause Rey Palpatine is "The Last Jedi" and apparent heir to the Jedi and Skywalkers. If anything Ahsoka Tano is more worthy of this legacy.

There would have been so much good will if Ahsoka Tano, were in the place of Rey in the Sequels. As a kind of none-Jedi/Jedi. There existed a really good unifying (Both of the fan base and larger narrative) if we picked up the Sequels with Ahsoka as the lead. The Clone Wars and indeed Rebels - Which is a lesser show, set it up.

Star Wars fans would not have been offended if it were Ahsoka Tano, picking up Luke Skywalker's torch and rebuilding the Jedi Order.

Though the Sequels just don't have a Jedi problem. They have a New Republic (Or lack thereof) problem which severely undercuts the gains for the Original Trilogy and ends up making our core heroes look like losers.

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