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11/26/2020 3:01 am  #1

Dune 1984 Alternative Edition Redux [Spice Diver Fan Edit]

There are myriad issue's with David Lynch's DUNE. However, we know for a fact Frank Herbert endorsed it - For whatever that maybe worth.

And it exists untouched outside of our present Social Justice, Nerd Culture destroying madness.

The Spice Diver Fan Edit largely fixes many of the Lynch film's problems. Oh to be sure it still has David Lynch's weirdness in it - Though considering what some were lobbying for, David Lynch's weirdness is charming.

Honestly, the Syfy Channel's miniseries is, as of right now the most faithful despite some of it its short comings as a television production.

Though I had a good first reaction to the new film coming out, I think it will probably fail, and also have some reservations about it not being corrupted by present day partisan politics and SJW agenda. Neither serves Frank Herbert's masterwork.


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