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9/06/2020 8:14 pm  #1

Musketeers [CAW Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement]


Though not directly part of the Federal Galactic Empire, Commonwealth of Allied Worlds's (CAW) Musketeer Peacekeeper force defers to the FGE and enforces its galactic laws, nevertheless making these modern day Musketeers an important part of the galactic bureaucracy.

Founded by Crown Prince Rene LaSalle of the Morningstar Fountainhead Conglomerate, to be used as an insurgent force against Anunnaki oppression, his Musketeers would go on to win many battles during the Liberation War and in its aftermath settle into the role of peacekeepers. 

Like their historical counterparts, these modern Musketeers are armed with both blade and blunderbuss.


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