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9/05/2020 5:24 am  #1

Utuk-ku [Space Vampires!]


A persistent threat to life in the galaxy remain Utuk-ku, cast off darkness, a twisted subspecies of the once reigning Anunnaki overlords. These ghouls are not living dead, but something far worse. Not only do they feast upon blood they can and prefer to drain a humanoids very essence, source-light. More deadly than their rat-like fangs, are their razor sharp nails which can pierce even a remade Vril or bulletproof Morningstar flesh.

Technomancers are singly equipped to deal with this persistent threat, using their advanced magic and warrior training to rid the galaxy of this vermin. Even before the Empire, Arclayht Warlock waged a war against one of their own, who thought to use the Utuk-ku as his foot soldiers.

The Vampire Wars, Orlan Krell’s insurrection.

The Utuk-ku changed the course of galactic history. During the Falcanian's "Vampire Wars" which witnessed the appointment of Shinras Rukh aka The Phoenix as Shrieva "Lord Protector". An event which would propel the Arclayht Warlock toward becoming Sovereign Marshal during the Liberation War to free Occupied Earth and usher in the Federal Galactic Empire. But also during this conflict the discovery of planet Creshan, a world blessed with material wealth and would become Imperial Treasury during the Liberation War and give The Phoenix the ability to independently finance his Empire.


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