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9/05/2020 12:48 am  #1

What Is?: The Federal Galactic Empire Series


The Federal Galactic Empire Series takes place in the Neo-human 'Verse, but is set in its 22nd Century time frame. The first real glimpse of this era is the story Synthetic, Electric Romance.

The next story to appear in this era is Troika (A Story of The Federal Galactic Empire). Why keep the Neo-human describer? Put simply its the same universe, only the focus is on the workings of Federal Galactic Empire

Further stories in this series will be told either as short stories, or as part of anthologies

Why this change in format?

Because I think it gives me more artistic freedom and will let me explore my universe in a more focused, efficient and entertaining way. It also means you'll get different types of stories and glimpses of a wider universe.

*This post will be updated.


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