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Journal of the Vril » That Time I Almost Switched To WordPress » 5/31/2021 7:43 am

OK. I don't know what came over me, but I got that urge, which I sometimes get to "Build a New Site" and went over to WordPress - And quickly remembered by I hate it so much.

Needlessly complicated and even abstract in a manner id does not need to be.

Journal of the Vril » Censoring, Enid Blyton? » 5/24/2021 4:10 am


I just stumbled across an author from "long ago", Enid Blyton. In the process of this discovery, I also learned present day editors, and publishers are censoring scenes in her books.

I can't even begin to put into words, how I view this as a moral outrage and a dangerous path to take.

THERE IS ZERO MORAL STANDING to do such a thing. To argue otherwise, is to aid, and abed in the destruction of history.

Just because a book or story does not match present day views, it does not provide license to change that work, even if you are the current day copyright holder of that work. Your job is to preserve the author's original intent, not change it to fit your moral viewpoint, or sanitize it in any manner.

It amazes me, the same group of people who crow about "Banned Books" from a moral high-horse, during say "Banned Books Week", are also the same people who would cancel those with whom they disagree.

Journal of the Vril » Empress Karaseer's Husband [Isn't Who You Think] » 5/05/2021 7:18 pm


Things are not always what they seem. If you've read Synthetic, Electric Romance you have already met the Galactic Empress Karaseer's husband. They are happily married, though they do have sort of an unusual relationship.

Kind of an interesting backstory there involving Karaseer and her betrothed. Let's just say, Karaseer's seventeenth birthday party, had a hiccup or two...  You'll learn all about it in Troika [A Story of The Federal Galactic Empire], soon enough!

Journal of the Vril » J. Scott Campbell's Mary Jane Watson Doesn't Need to be Fixed! » 5/05/2021 5:14 pm


The comic book industry is dead.

J. Scott Campbell's Mary Jane Watson Doesn't Need to be Fixed! Anyhone who thinks it does, has NO PLACE reading comic books or being involved in genre - PERIOD!

Also it is not 'problematic'. Maybe for those lacking testosterone, or self-respect it is but they need to find something other than comic books to amuse themselves.

Seriously, this is why I'm leaning harder into 'Bountiful beautiful women and unapologetic heroes' in my own writing. I don't care if you are offended - If you are, good it means I did something right.

Journal of the Vril » Of Blades and Writing » 5/05/2021 3:18 pm

RonaldNeunk wrote:

The trouble with all these helpful books and treatises and how-tos, is that the more of them you read, the less time you have to sit down and WRITE something They become a crutch and an excuse for not writing, because you have to read and absorb all this advice first.

I avoid writing "how-to" books and blogs for that very reason. Always of the mindset you cannot really "teach storytelling".

Basic grammar, sure but not how to tell a story.


Journal of the Vril » Even Progessive Wheel of Time Series, Isn't Feminist Enough! » 4/22/2021 4:24 pm


OK I was prompted for, reasons to Bing Search: "Spankings in Wheel of Time" and I found the top results revealing. Yet not in the manner I was looking for.

They were, all to a kind about "problematic issues" in the "Early Series". By early series I shall infer before it got hijacked for a "Cause".

Totally expected, the very top result resides on Tor.com, the heart of, if not patient zero for the Science Fiction Communities present systematic ailments and who literally pull the strings on what is and is not correct-thought and who are able to leverage awards for those who follow their agenda.

Journal of the Vril » Sabaton: The Royal Guard » 4/21/2021 2:13 am

I think I love this video, and have the strong impression that is a very politically incorrect (wrongthink) reaction to have.

Journal of the Vril » That Golden Girls Show Preview » 4/08/2021 1:23 am

This has to be the weirdest, greatest thing I've ever seen!

The Golden Girls, as done by puppets. How many people are gonna see this and complain that you can see the puppeteer, or not understand that puppeteers are not ventriloquists? Cause, its OK to both see who is manipulating the puppet and their mouth moving.

Journal of the Vril » Joss Whedon Threatened Gal Gadot’s Career » 4/06/2021 3:38 pm

From Bounding into Comics: Joss Whedon Threatened Gal Gadot’s Career On The Set Of Justice League.

Joss Whedon, fancies himself a "Male Feminist", yet it seems he's something of a douchenozzle, when it comes to women. And just like every other Social Justice Warrior now inhabiting the failing entertainment industry he'll scream 'Racist' if you don't kowtow to his believe system or vote the way he wants.

I'm %100 pleased Joss's horrible Wonder Woman movie never got made. For a supposed guy who "gets women" he actually has a horrible, one-note take on empowered female characters. Somehow he managed to have no grasp of Diana whatsoever in his script, the way he wrote her, it could have been TV Buffy. But generic.

Like I keep saying. Joss Whedon is overrated.

Journal of the Vril » MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED - Spear of Leonidas » 3/22/2021 2:23 am

One of my favorite builds from MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED. That's one awesome spear, and that kopis is just gorgeous!


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